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Front end

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Hi all................

I'm new to the TL1000, just bought my first bike and I'm looking to change the front.

I realise there's a couple of different options as ref to previous post/s but being a bit thick lol, thought I'd try and narrow it down a bit.
What's the easiest route for the front of my TL1000r, i.e. I'm thinking GSXR1000 K3-5? forks, but do I need to change the wheels etc?
And shall I wait till I've done this before the upright bar conversion, as I'm sure it'll be a different set up to the standard TL set up?

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I have just changed my front end and have a set of k7 forks with Maxton internals. I also have yokes to suit and k4 wheels with discs, calipers, braided lines which I could sell you if your interested.
That sounds like a tempting offer.

I was going to say the "easiest" route is probably a K4 front end plus one of Sam's spacer kits (as modeled by my lovely assistant here) but if you've got a breathed on K7 rig ready to go then that would be a better end result.

Forks, wheel, brakes, hel lines, m/c, EBC-HH pads. I think the gold is kinda nice too.
I could well be interested in that......will I need to use the GSXR yokes or can I use the TL bottom yoke ?
What sort of money are we talking for them Milzer?
From the Frequent Mods on TLP, this might help:

Recipe to installing GSXR forks with a dash of Traxxion Dynamics Zest


1 x set of 2006 GSXR1000 forks (ebay - $200 shipped)
1 x set of 2006 GSXR750 calipers (ebay - $40 shipped)
1 x 2008 Hayabusa front axle with spacer (ebay - $50 shipped - if the axle didn't come with one you'll need to get one from Sam)
2 x lower triple tree spacers (Home Depot - $10 - also available from Sam)
4 x M10x70x1.25 bolts (Yamaha engine mounts - $10 - also available from Sam)
2 x Sam's Rotor spacers (TLP - PM Sam for price)
1 x 2006 GSXR1000 carbon fiber front fender (ebay - $139 mdi-carbonfider)
4 x 5mm brass caliper spacers with lips (locally made - priceless - also available from Sam)
2 x set of new 2006 GSXR750 brake pads (ebay - $139 - not shown)

Optional to enhance the recipe:
1 x set of 2006 GSXR1000 Traction Dynamics valves
1 x set of TL1000R springs and spring spacer

Disclaimer: I highly recommend you get this done by a Traxxion Dynamics rep!!!!!

I highly recommend servicing and inspecting the internals of any forks bought used, whether it is ebay, CL, or anywhere else. It is extremely important to inspect your inner forks and have them re-polished if they are damaged.
Ingredients used to service the forks:
K&L oil seals
Amsoil #5+#10 fork oil

The homemade ingredients:
The lower triple tree spacers/shims can be home made. Home Depot currently carries a 1'x2'x0.019" sheet metal with which you can cut out 2 pieces of 40mmx170mm. You can roll those very easily with something that is already round.
Picture of the 1x1x0.019:

All you need to do is cut a 50mmx165mm piece and file down the edge to avoid scraping. You can roll it by hand with something round like a pop can.

The caliper spacer were made by none other than our beloved Minnesota local Traxxion Dynamics rep, Glenn:

No instructions here other than buy it from Sam or contact me if you want Glenn to make them (I don't know anyone's price but Sam's are prob cheaper since he's been doing them for a while)

Remove the front wheel and OEM front fender

Measure the distance from TOP OEM forks to TOP triple tree surface. You'll need that to keep the same geometry. Let's call this "fork offset"

Remove OEM forks and clean the inside of the triple tree

Remove the OEM calipers and let the lines dangle (you probably should let them dangle over a container)

Remove the rotors and place the Sam's rotor spacers and install the OEM rotors back on.

Install the triple tree spacers

Inspect that the spacer installed does not overlap on itself. If it does, you'll need to remove it and cut out some more. Don't forget to file down the cut.

Install the new forks. Since my 2006 GSXR1000 forks are 3mm LONGER than OEM TLR forks according to Sam's chart, I'll add it to my "Fork offset" (note this is approximate for now and you'll need to figure out your own difference: refer to Sam's Fork chart)

Tighten up ONE bolt on the triple tree to pinch ONE fork. Install the front axle in a manner that it does not bind and you are not forcing the axle in. Move the free fork up and down if need be.

Once the axle is inserted, you should be able to turn it without much friction.
Tighten ONE bolt from the fork that was still free.

Tighten all bolts on the forks using torque specifications

Remove the axle

Install the front fender and front wheel.

Install the calipers spacers

Install the calipers (with the old pads)

Install the brake lines

Bleed the lines (this is why I installed the calipers with the old pads)

Install the new pads.
Note in the picture one pad has ridges. If you buy pads that do not come with those ridges, I suggest you make them. A metal saw blade will do the trick.

Done! :thumbup easy as cupcakes, right? :devious

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Keep in mind that the ingredients are for 06 Gixxer forks. They will change depending on what you pick. :O
S73w4r7, since you have your front wheel I'll sell you the forks with Maxton internals and my tl yokes which are bored out by 1mm to accept the k7 forks this will allow you to use your TL wheel. Also the calipers, braided lines, Hayabusa axle to suit. I also have Arashi wave discs with only 200 miles on them and the disc spacers and caliper spacers, front mudguard. £500, not sure what the postage will be though.
Terrific post JD :thumbup
I did the front forks swap on my yellow 98 TLR, I used a 2008 Hayabusa front forks with the original brakes calipers, lines, wheels and axle nut from my TL without any modification. It was just simply taking out the forks and installing the other one.
I did the front forks swap on my yellow 98 TLR, I used a 2008 Hayabusa front forks with the original brakes calipers, lines, wheels and axle nut from my TL without any modification. It was just simply taking out the forks and installing the other one.
I highly doubt they were 2008 Busa forks. My guess is you have 99-07 Busa (Gen1) forks in. Indeed with those is a straight swap. 08+ busa forks requires radial calipers etc...
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