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FREE TLR PARTS: I am in Santa Monica and will not ship.

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I am putting my second TLR together and have a couple frames I don't need, one is titled in my name, but totaled by the insurance company, :'-( the other one came with a motor I bought and do not have a title for.

I would love to keep them and build them but I have a small garage and have to be brutal with what stays in it.

If somebody wants to come get them, message me or reply here. I have a ton of other parts also, but don't have time to itemise the inventory. PM if you are looking for something and local.

Have a glorious evening.


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You wouldn't happen to be golwar would you? I'd be interested in the frame (possibly frames) but no way I'm driving to CA for them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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