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For the cost of post you can have any of this, please let people who need it grab it first prefer it used then sitting in a shed.
First bibs to fellow ozzy's as to much work to get post cost OS. Pick up in North Ryde.

1 set TLS forks needs seals
1 head light bracket
1 head light
1 all you need to put TLR oil cooler on TLS
2 TLS screens small scratches
1 TLS screen mount
1 TLS over flow bottle
1 steering dampener OME
1 set of clip on's OME
1 top triple clamp OME
1 set inside top plastic (3 bits)

will post as soon as i can as I am in and out of town.
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dibs clipons
top triple
PM me your address and I'll post you a mail bag

cheers stu
cool stu
Can I grab the headlight, headlight bracket and the screen mount please?
Can I grab the Screens? Are they clear or tinted? and by screen you mean windshields correct?
I wouldn't mind a screen if freight to Canada leaves one spare .
yea windshields fast rider you happy Tasi gets one?
off to sea Monday for a week so wont post to the following week ill go find some packing and post costs
Paul set of forks that need seals, do you want the forks?
got your bag today Stu.
Are the headlight and bracket off an S or R?
Probably should of asked first
That's a relief, when I changed my screen over I found that the headlight was loose. Upon closer inspection I found two of the tabs holding on are broken and the bracket has been welded in 3 places, so nothing is sitting straight at the moment.
I have both plastic and ali welder

and oxy and .............and ............
That'll be handy down the track, as ill be keen to mod the old headlight.
Stu on its way. will try to get a price on shipping for the rest this week
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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