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fork seals!!

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so went to bring my bike home from my lock up today only to find a leaking fork seal!!

I'm guessing its best to go OEM for them but what else should I replace whilst they are apart?

all bushing is going to get done do I really need a new washer? the dust seals look ok to me too

I think the seal has gone due to my own fault when I replaced the springs and oil I accidently allowed the fork to extend all the way which I think has done the damage :banghead:banghead
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What washer are you referring to? I rebuilt my forks late last year. I thought it was actually a fun project. Anyway, I replaced all the bushings, seals, and the dust seals. It really wasn't that expensive and I figured since they were on there from 1998, why not change them out?
there is a huge washer inside the forks too between the fork seal and the metal slide/first bush

to do the lot its £146!! if I just do the fork seals two bushes its £80 big difference IMO

the dust seals are fine they look new!! and the spring clip is ok too
Yeah ... now what you need to do is go through the prescribed method of fork removal as described in the manual. Then after very carefully getting them clear of the bike ... Chuck the feckers outta the garage ... hurling them with extreme prejudice. Once clear of your working environment install the recently purchased forks from the nice Mr Ohlins.. might as well get the shock and do that whilst you're at it. Bit of carbon fibre won't go amiss. Should prolly get a shot of that spring air put into your tyres too. Nothing like new air to help things along.
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762fmj if I was minted that might have been the way to go actually scrap that it would have been the way to go :laugh
I would change the lot out and pay the 146 that way it have all new stuff to last another 10+ years. If you pay 80 to save some money and it goes sooner down the road you will have to get it done again. Not to mention that is what control the bike, safety and comfort don't have a price, good luck with it.

Just saying
pat man I hear what you are saying and im not one for skimping

but there is only 3 parts I am looking at NOT replacing!

Dust seals
retaining clip
and the huge washer!

the dust seals and clip are fine and dont need replacing

as for the washer I'm unsure if it "needs" to be replaced with the rest hence the question

although its only an extra £10 for the washers! but I'm not paying £30 for dust seals
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If you can get the dust seals out without trashing them and if they haven't hardened too much you might be able to recycle them.
You might try calling [email protected]'s 02089601000 (used to be SparesDirect) to see if he can do you a pattern kit.He'll tell if there is a kit and if its any good.
If not you might be able to shave a couple of quid off OEM.
cheers snowy

I am going to order from robinsons foundry in a few mins!

the forks are all apart and awaiting parts the dust seals came out easy enough and as I say are like new still!!
parts ordered

got everything except the dust seals and spring clips

£85 posted with a discount code :)
Carefully check your dust seal to make sure it is not knick also check your fork tube for knick because that is what danage the dust seal, most of the time when you pull the forks apart the dust seal can get damage, then you will have to change them, as for the retaining clip as long as it is not stretch keep it, I think the large washer you are talking about is the oil seal retainer if it is not damage then don't change them. I take it you are not doing the work yourself? I change my seals about two years ago and the dealer only sell the kit which have everything in it, if I was to buy them seperatly it would have cost me more, that is why I change everything.
I think I screwed the seal pat man as I changed the oil and fork springs about 2 months ago and I let the fork extend all the way out!!

I am doing the work myself and the forks are all apart already I have checked them over and they are spotless so all I can think of is when it extended fully!

I have ordered the washer now so I may as well replace it while they are apart
Good Luck with the work, hope you are back riding soon, I am missing riding hopefully this winter will be over soon, today temp should get to -33 C, don't even want to think of it with the wind chill.
Good Luck with the work, hope you are back riding soon, I am missing riding hopefully this winter will be over soon, today temp should get to -33 C, don't even want to think of it with the wind chill.
Just wear an extra pair of gloves...


Good God that is cold...

And to think I bitch when it hits the teens F. Maybe you should............ move South.

once I have the parts it will be all sorted within a few hours I reckon

I dont usually bring the bike out till april time but we have had so really nice days here 10°c plus

you can keep your -33 :laugh
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