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Well, right fork sprung a leak.
I cant remember clearly, but I think it was the inner tube or one of the internal parts had a little scratching.

Just going to look into a swap before I look into repairing it.

I've done some searching & looked at the Fork Swap Chart.
But I've never swapped forks before, so I'm not going by what I dont know anything about.

First question.
Is there any Direct Bolt on swap options?? (Just the forks)

& as far as the other upgrades that require more parts.
What are those, the parts needed & how much more do they cost vs a direct swap?

trying to make sense of the chart Examples, but have no idea on spacers.

Looking at the gsxr 1000 K3/4 Example.
seems like I just need the forks & some spacers.
If so, where do I get these spacers?

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