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Forgive me Zone, for I an Welcoming my RC8R back to the street!

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I spent the last couple of weekends, "Un-Tracking" my Akra. I thought it was time, I am getting old, crashing sucks, etc. Anyway, I have a pile of parts to list up soon. I am selling NONE of the race kit parts, as they came with the bike, keeps the value up if I have it all.

From this

to this

All I need to do now is go from this

to this

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How is it as a street bike Doug?
Did you have it registered before it's time as a track bike?
It isn't bad, it has adjustable ergos and such. I put it on the track in 2011 did about 2K on the track, and now I am going back. As a street bike, the only real issue is they can stall pretty easily with the light fly wheel. But it is fun, you just have to watch that right hand.....
:doug Changing things up keeps life interesting. But now how ever will you decide whether to hop on it or the SuperDuke for your roadway squiddage?
The Super Duke makes you ride 10% slower. So on the 100 mph days you ride it. The RC8R is the long winding road toy. I love them both, I think I will sell my SR500E next.

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I think I will sell my SR500E next.

Gasp!:eek I wonder how much it would cost to ship that to Ohio? :idea Maybe you should shoot me a PM if you decide to sell, Doug.
I love my SR, but frankly it was the finding and saving it that was the most fun. I do love her, just don't ride her much. I put a new seat cover and foam on since this photo. Also in Texas they used to put the inspection sticker right on the fender and this one has that historic practice continued. I don't have a lot in it, so I could make you a deal. We shall talk sir.

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You old fart Doug!

(Although, I'm still completely bikeless until the bug bites again - I'm sure it will. It is the longest I've been bikeless since I was 15 though).
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