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first tl s

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Recently bought a 2001 tl1000s with a white brothers exaust, lowered, and added led neons.. that was all i thought was done to the bike and what the previous owner thought too... when i pulled to seat off to take a look at the wireing for the neons (because sometimes they work and sometimes they dont) i noticed that it has a power commander 3, and is there usually a 12v accessory cable under the seat too. 22,000 miles paid $3,200, was that a good deal? Awesome forum here, glad theres so many people that love this bike too!
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not very mechanically inclined, so i dont really know what i have on my hands, just that i fell in love with it after the first ride...
will take more photos in the am when theres more light
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You started losing me at "lowered" the completely lost me at "neons."

If you're happy with it, then it was a good deal. And it has Two Bros. cans on it, White Bros makes suspension components.

To post pictures, start a photobucket (or similar) account. Makes it easier to add pictures to threads that everyone can see.

And welcome to TLZ :bigfinger
A good wash and some "makemybikeshiny"-products gonna do the trick!
It appears to be more or less unmolested. If so, not a bad deal for the price.

Welcome to the Zone. :thumbup

Is that a leak from the rear master cylinder on the exhaust pipe?
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