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finished winter project early

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been busy making new subframe to fit honda cbr1000rr race seat .as you can see its virtually finished, apart from sourceing a multiplug for the rear wiring harness ive made for the new light and indicators


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your bike looks nice with that rear end good job :)
Looks good. :thumbup

Do you have any photos of the subframe structure itself?

Is the exhaust merely a modified OEM header?
Looks great, if you get tired of it, then sell it to me:thumbup
that looks tidy

you need a new plate though it spoils it!!

a nice 8 x 6 plate with slightly smaller lettering
Looks like shit. Send the bike to me and I will ride, uh, I mean modify it for you. No charge. :devious
i brought an original subrame off ebay £20 and cut and bent it untill i got it how i wanted it ,i just had to get 4 welds done locally to complete it. i will take some pics off subframe and post. the exhaust is modified oem header and to be honest ive had it like that for 2000 miles and cant even notice any difference in performance just a slight difference in ehaust tone more raspy sounds good
here are a couple of pics of my rear subframe


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the subframe looks great! did you weld it yourself?
no found a local bloke also a biker whos job is welding,only charged me £30
Done well there for £30. Might have to get that blokes details as I'm not far from you.
send me a pm if you need his number
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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