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Fiat Ducato 10 2.8 D, 2002

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For sale my van it's never let me down taxed till jan

Has partion beteen cab and back of the van.

Removable bull rings on the floor.

2 sliding side doors . 1 lock can't be opened from outside thanks to attempted break in before I got the van. Still locks And opens after button on inside is pulled up

Never uses oil and for a D is one off the cleanest running engines I have ever seen and if you keep revs below 3000 rpm quite economical .

I have Owned it for about 3 years ?

I know longer need it !

So some one grab a great van!:hail

I have a ramp inside for loading the bike but I think I will fit it on my bike trailer !

If you are interested call or text me on :devious


Regards Kenny
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I forgot to say the price I am looking for is £2100
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I forgot to say it's MOTed till august 3 2012

Has 3 keys and all are coded to the imobleser .

Open to sensible offers

Perfect for track days and race meets and camping trips

You can even do the shopping :)

I have driven this van over to holland 3 times even in heavy snow never let me down ?

If I can find a car as good as this van has been I will be in heaven !
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3rd post sparky
The floor has been drilled and had another front wheel grab the same as the one pictured as I had an R1 in beside my bike and all clothes bike gear and camping gear etc

Plus a GsXR 1000k6 on the trailer ?

One great trip to some great roads !
Cam belt was changed 3 years a go

Oil change 2000 miles ago

Milage I will look at in the morning !
No worrys sparky :)

So when you gonna tell me about the carbon bits for the Lc .
Is that the TLR battery box ?

Or the Lc tray !
As I said a good offer and I will concider it! :devious

I really don't have to sell but it's now surplus to needs !
Thread dead sale ended !

Edit ; thanks sparky did you even want it ?

Try getting one !
That's reliable !
For that kind of money ?
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