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FFS more ads ............

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now i'm getting ads in the bottom left hand side of the threads...........

after the last discussion and apology from the new mods about subscribers not receiving ads :banghead

def not renewing my sub.
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hmm, i dont get ads, and im a silver also

no adblock on the computer either
on mine its the bottom left corner of an open thread

about 1/8 page in size
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this is the problem of selling a forum to a company who's purpose is to make money!!
Same as Stu' and I've only just learnt we've been taken over :dowhat

What's this about sub's disappearing into cyber-space :O
the money doesnt go anywhere cos the paypal end is closed

its just a F around if its auto pay and it has to go out........piss around for a while and make its way back.

not sure who really owns it all now but things like the facebook page .......well i'm not sure you can transfer ownership of something like that.

but def no-one seems to be taking care of it.
I have them too. When the time comes I won't be renewing my subscription. As I said in another thread, I'd rather give more to Rob as a sole owner of a site than to a corporation who gets money from ads.

On that note, looks like traffic and posting has dropped off on TLZ

definitely looks like an advert to me
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definitely looks like an advert to me
yep like we run tls bcis we can get 63 plate lexuss instead lol , i fooking hate adverts , id say more but im off to get my 3 for 2 at tesco , and 5 pence of a litre of fuel lol ;)
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Yah i see it now.....

Well for me it does not matter much

Most pages i visit have some sort of advert...i think i just ignpre them
The small ad in the very bottom left of a thread does not seem to be bothering anything, you only see it when you scroll right down.
well the zone for me was the people and the involvement of jensen.

now its just the people.

and they are on the planet too.

and much better value too.

so with nearly 11,00 posts not including the ones I lost in the crash....

time moves on

and things change.

and the new owners are getting a forum that is not what they paid for.............

and its their doing!

Sure its not a real probelm to have ads in the bottom corner..........

but thats not why I subscribed

I sub'd

to be able to buy /sell

to avoid ads

the support this forum.

I can sell on the planet for free.

the other 2 now have now no motivation for me.

And the new managements method of implementing ads subversively pisses me.

esp after the discussions and apologies gone before.

Its back to the argument about "ownership and property " again.

So perhaps the core of supporters such as myself , six5, sam , camper , chuck, ...., ....actls, denwous, etc etc etc.

who answer each question should just withdraw that too.

heres an idea.

next time someone asks a question that is normally my speciality and they are a newbie.........then I'll just post for them to ask the same Q on the planet and I'll answer it there.

that should influence the situation a little.

why don't we all give that a go for the month of november and see what happens?
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I can see where your coming from.

I myself am not a member on planet.

I would have to become a member on there to take part in what sounds to me like a boycott of us posting on here ??

am I correct ?
that would indeed be the case.

at times there was a hostility between the two forums , but that was bad blood of a couple of oldtime members not the forums them selves

that no longer exists ..we just have 2 forums with essentially the same people in the core servicing the need twice.

its difficult in some ways cos historical help may be located on either forum.

It would be ideal for me for there to be only one forum and for it to be alfruistic in its philosophy .........but thats not real life.

and nor is the presumption that as the "proprietors" of this site that we can run it our way.

the "owners" will continue to change things as they see fit because they are seeking financial gain.

they own other froums as well.

the best we can hope for is to influence them to respect the forum we "run" for them as we would have it done.

cos we best understand the reasons we are here and this forum has enjoyed the success it has for so long.
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Uuummmmm I think i'll put my ad for my spare parts on ebay :devious
its a significant issue to long term supporters of this forum.

this is not just a forum its a fellowship and a brotherhood.

I have some significant friendships that have evolved directly from this forum.

some of us meet regularly to socialise.

some I have met travelling in oz and OS .

some I may never meet but are still in my circle of friends.

And as you're not a paid up subscriber you cant post in the sell forum anyway.
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join the planet and you can post for free. ( you may need to get up a few post counts but that don't take long )

I had no problem with subscribing to sell and thought it was a good thing here.......but I have another thread regarding that one!

my position has changed for a number of reasons.:laugh
I registered on the planet weeks ago but I'm in the moderation queue. I feel like people are moving away from the zone because the change was so... 'underhanded'? or at least just not very well publicised.
TLZ is where I started when I bought my TL in 2009, choose it over TLP because I think TLP layout is just a little too busy for me.
totally understand where your coming from Stu

I too am on the planet but I really dont like the lay out!!
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