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Fairing decals

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Finally got it all back together after it being written off in July. Only one last thing to do ,the gold tl1000s decals on the side . the guy who painted the panels is very reluctant to fit them , can they be fitted wet like some decals or does anyone know anywhere in surrey sussex area that will fit them for a sensible price, I don't trust myself to do it
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Man up , stick them on yourself (smilie face) .No ,really , clean surface ,dry, no problems .I just did mine .
To tell you the truth, IMHO it looks much better with either none or with the later model year stickers. But I've taken them off of every TLS I've owned.
Very easy to put them on, just gauge the angle you want them at before hand, once you start thrres no going back.
Here's mine on the carbon fibre fairings
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All in one bit

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motorcycle fairing
Thanks all, still undecided about decals
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where do you get yours from? I need some myself.
where do you get yours from? I need some myself.
Havent got them yet but I am sure Robinsons foundry do them also Steve Jordan in Bookham nr leatherhead Suzuki dealer had the gold ones about £23each I think any dealer can get them
where do you get yours from? I need some myself.
just realized you are in USA but any dealer should be able to get them Robinsons foundry have them £29each
Don't listen to me.
But spray a soapy water mix on the plastic and apply the decal.That way it can be moved/slid to the correct angle.Then smooth any bubbles if present.
Also the 97 decal is cool.
ps Try it on a smaller sticker first :dowhat
I got mine from E-Bay from a guy in Mexico . Much better than the Suzuki ones and cheap . I'll see if I can did up the name .

Put into E-Bay

TL 1000s decal sticker kit . (they were very nice gold )
I preference it without them. I jilust think it looks cleaner.
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