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What bike? - early S pumps are not as good as late/R ones. I'd replace for later type or re-use only if in very good condition, no scoring etc.

Piston rings

Check oil jets are clear but no need to replace.

I'd change the output shaft bearing, again, espcailly if an early S

Big end shells are cheap, I'd replace at that milage. 76k They've done their time! Mains seem to run on forever if look okay.

Check mating gear with forth/all gears very carefully, one rarely get worn on its own. Selector forks if signs of scuffing.

Stick some parrafin etc in the ports, see if leaking? Lap them in.

check the scissor gears are not badly worn (dissemble or pry apart and feel for tension)

check tensioner has no shiny marks on teeth?
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