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Elderly Rape Victim Needs Your Help

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This makes me sick to my stomach - both the rape and the subsequent treatment by our govt. Can you please sign the petition so she can get the treatment she needs. I don't think it matters if you are not a New Zealand resident - in this case the treatment she needs is in the U.S. Whats needed is a global effort shaming our government into getting her there.

It may be helpful if you also send a copy of the e-mail provided to our minister of ACC.

[email protected]
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Done.What about putting it on Kiwi Biker mate...
Thanx Mike - good idea.

For those not familiar with NZ - ACC (accident compensation) is state run accident insurance - we pay a huge amount of levy's and taxes to make it available for all New Zealanders. This year they have posted a record profit (approx 5billion IIRC). not surprising really; each year they make it harder to get money out of them - it seems a healthy balance sheet is more important than a healthy Kiwi.

What about putting it on Kiwi Biker mate...
Here's a link for donations:

I'm happy to donate money for her personally, to make her life as easy as possible - but I don't think this money should go to her treatment - letting ACC. abdicate responsibility in paying for what they liable for. Rape victims are entitled to acc., as are victems of medical misadventure.

My first instinct was "lets start a fund to pay for her treatment" - but this is letting acc off the hook. Nothing will pay for what she has endured; but this donated money could make her as comfortable as possible, on top of what acc SHOULD give her.

Anyone else feel the same way?
Pretty much,we live in a country that allows some to live there lives of the taxes of others for no other reason than there lazy bastards then quibbles over a few $ for those that are genuinely in need of non funded medical help.Countrys gone to hell and elections dont help there all a pack of dipshits.Anyways rant over....i see stuff like this and just makes me wild.:banghead
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:stupid - saw a politition the other day saying he can't see that raising $120 000 house deposit for a young family first home buyers is unreasonable to expect. Which it might not be on his $200-oddK are year + plus perks up the wazoo -; they have their heads firmly up their arses.

bit off topic now.

Please support her - we've all had grandparents.
My personal email to the Minister:

Dear Honorable Judith Collins, ACC Minister:

I recently learned of crime victim in dire need of surgery to correct an initial surgery related to the injuries she sustained from being severely victimized. According to what I have read, the first surgery had a "mesh" implanted. These are known to cause serious internal injuries and can possibly lead to death. The crime victim, Jacqui Scott, is now being victimized again. Having sustained the injuries as the result of an obviously violent rape, now she could possibly die because of the refusal to have a corrective surgery done. As a police officer in the United States, I find this to be appalling. Doesn't your country/state have some type of crime victim's fund that would be able to assist this woman? What would happen if the shoe were on the other foot?
Thanx mate - what is really galling is that there already is a fund in place for these sort of issues, and it is currentlyin the black to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars. And they won't help here because it might set a precident, encouraging others to apply for $$ they are entitled to, from the same fund.
thought of putting it on advriders
I actually received and email back. I was quite surprised, so I thought I would share it;

Dear Eric

Thank you for your recent email raising your concerns about Ms Scott's ACC claim, which was mentioned in the media recently. Ms Scott's situation, as reported in the media, is tragic and I acknowledge the support you are providing by contacting me.

I need to preface any comments by noting that the privacy of each and every claimant is important to ACC so I am unable to comment specifically on her case. Specific comment can only be made where the claimant has signed a privacy waiver. I can comment in general terms about wider issues that have been raised in the media recently.

As a Minister of the Crown, I am unable to intervene in this case and instruct ACC on a different course of action. I do have ACC's assurance that it is working closely with Ms Scott and medical professionals to come to a suitable, alternative solution.

Under the Accident Corporation Act treatment can only be funded if it is provided here in New Zealand. Where medical treatment is recommended, ACC will endeavour to find in New Zealand an appropriate provider who is acceptable to the patient.

Again, thank you for taking the time to write to me about Ms Scott.

Yours sincerely

Hon Judith Collins
Minister for ACC
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