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I bought this front stand from ebay. It's an incredible buy for only 49.95! Comes with a bunch of steering stem pins, so it fits tight and the pin is strong. Large-diameter tubing. OK so it's not zinc plated like a PitBull, but it has thick strong paint. SOOOO much better than my old Lockhart-Phillips.

But it does have some minor issues with the TLS. The arm hits the horn. And you could pull the wheel without removing the fender if it lifted just a bit more. I got the wheel out by putting it crooked and bending the fender momentarily. I removed my horn because I'm fitting a very compact air horn instead.

The pin fit and angle is good, so there is plenty of room so it doesn't touch the bodywork under the headlight.

I'm thinking that it might be easy to reshape the end of the arm so it's cut at an angle, and make a slightly longer pin, and this lift would be really great.

I'll probably reshape the end of the arm so the end is cut at an angle. If the stand had slightly larger wheels perhaps I could get the front motorcycle wheel out the back of the fender? I wish the brace across the handle was flat bar instead of tubing; that would make it easier to get the wheel out.
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I think I will also make a longer pin.
Damn it's such a good buy and so close to perfect...but when there's only so much time I'd rather mod the bike than the stand.
Ideally it needs to be about an inch taller. Maybe I could put that cross-brace that's near the handle in a big vise or a big press and crush it to flatten the middle and make it easier to get the wheel out.
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