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Dynojet PC5

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Hi all
My PC5 has started misbehaving.
For the first 20mins of a ride it works fine, along with the quickshifter ( up only ). Once the bike is properly up to temperature, the quickshifter stops working, followed by the bike stuttering under load at 5k + rpm. Feels like the ignition is cutting as it would if the QS was operating. Its intermittent and seems to happen randomly, then may not happen for the rest of that ride.
Once the bike has cooled down, the PC5 and QS work again, until up to temperature, and the symptoms reappear. I've tested the QS sensor and it works fine. I've spoken to Dynojet, and they were baffled, never heard of this before. I've moved as much of the wiring away from heat and shielded the wires that cannot be moved.
With the PC5 disconnected the bike fuels cleanly at all revs in all gears.
Any ideas on the PC5? I don't want to book a day at the dyno centre only to find out the pc5 is [email protected]@ed and I need a new one.
Thanks in advance.
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Any chance vibrations trigger the sensor? Maybe a weird idea but can you add some weight to the shift linkage to change frequency..? Bunch of tape perhaps..
I'll be wobbling round Knockhill this weekend, so I'll try that and a few other tests aswell. Thanks. 👍
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