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Double Bubble Installation

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Im attempting to install a double bubble windscreen that was included when I bought the bike, however it doesn't seem to line up right. When I installed the allen bolts the top two (just above the mirror mounts) they wont fall inline. Anyone recommend a brand that fits more like the original?
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MRA screens are a perfect fit, but you'll pay for it :)

I've got an MRA touring screen on my TL-R. From memory (I've had it a while now) I paid about £90 delivered for it; probably about $145 I should think. Maybe a bit more than that if the postage to your location is higher.

They're a German company:

But you'll probably have to buy through a local distributor I should think.

Worth the money though. The fit was actually better than the OEM one :lol

If you wanted to work with the one you've got, can you widen the holes with a drill (in the screen, not the fairing)?

My MRA screen when new:

A couple of years on and a little more 'weathered' :)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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