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Does any company make brake discs with red-colored carriers?

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With my red wheels, I love the way the red sprocket looks in the rear..

For the front, I'd love to have red-anodized carriers. Does anybody make discs with red carriers? I've seen blue, white, silver, gold, black. But not red.

Or I could get some spiroloks and spacer washers, grind off the stock rivet rings, have the carriers anodized red, and put it back together.

Anybody got some totally shot discs, or other good carriers, so I can minimize down-time and have them colored beforehand so I can just swap the carriers on.???
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Hmm, yes all the Beringer stuff comes in red by default, or you can order other colors. But all their stuff is expensive! I must have subconsciously blocked out that data. I'd sure like their radial brake master: though it's not variable-ratio it has nice mini ball bearings at every pivot, which makes it have really good feel. The red brake master would look great with the red clutch and thumb brake I have. And of course their red anodized calipers would look incredible with the red wheels too! It turns into a lot of money really fast.
These might be cheaper. I do believe he can do whatever color your little heart desires.
Looks like the EBC lightened (slotted) rotors are usually black but the company offers other colors including red anodized on special order. Beautiful color match to the red Carrozzeria wheels. And the price is reasonable.
just a thought mate.

you can dip the whole rotor in caustic and then polish the centres.

I did this on itsmesteves std rotors.
Yeah, or I may have Busa silver centers here somewhere, but I want them red to match the wheels. I usually don't give a damn about the consmetics, but I bought the bike because the chrome wheels looked OK...for a short time... now the red sprocket in the back looks so fine with the red wheels. Now I want the same look in the front too!
Speedking's red colored buttons on the EBC red colored carriers would look great with the red wheels.
And red bolts. And red or black calipers.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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