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Do K1 forks fit tlr

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Hi I've got a 2000 tlr and I've got my hands on a gsxr 1000 K1 front end, I've tried to search previous threads but seem to go round in circles, can I fit these forks and if so what do I need
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Have looked at the chart and from what I can make out it's more or less a straight swap, can any one shed anymore light on this for me, can I just straight swap them over, do I need any spacers and can I use tlr front wheel
You will need some spacers. If you look the yoke pattern is slightly different as is the spacing at the front spindle.

Not sure there's a huge amount to be gained using K1 forks other than a nice gold nitride coating. Obviously with K4 and onwards you get the radial brake options. Guess since you've got the bits there's no harm in using them.
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