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ok so yesterday i asked how i go about selling something. because when i went on the selling page it wouldnt let post has been deleted and i have not been told far as i know i was asking the question how do i sell and i carnt see anything wrong with that.if i've broken any rules then why didnt anyone tell me or is my pc acting up ?
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I deleted the thread.
To list something for sale you must be a subscriber.
So to try to get around the rules some people (I am not saying that this was your intention) start threads saying "I have X and Y for sale but I can't start a thread in the for sale section..." so that they can tell people what they are selling without subscribing.
Things like this happen all of the time. We can not possibly PM everyone every time that something like this happens. There are just not enough hours in a day!
thanx for letting me know but the reason i didnt go into details on what i was selling was incase i was breaking the rules.thats why i posted what the items were and asked how i could sell them.thanx for letting me know anyway.maybe you should state in bigger letters(if there is a notice already)saying i have to subscribe to a mamber of a few owners club sites and you can sell unless your a trader so i didnt know and sorry.
Or when you went to the Market Place you could have read the bold print saying, "You need to be a Subscriber..." If not, when you opened the "looking to Sell" forum perhaps you could have read the very first, stickied thread titled, "Guidelines for Selling." :dowhat
im a bloke,we dont read instructions and we dont read guides,rules and eye sight isnt the best to be honest and all i know is i went on,opened a new topic and put my details in.then i was told i couldn't sell for what ever reason.hence the first no need to keep covering the same thing,i carnt sell on here and thats i know and its been explained and im happy now that i know.
Yeah ...guys only read instructions once we've spent hours trying to assemble a garden shed...then we go looking for those damn instructions sheesh....and then we have bits left over....that's how we roll
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