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R or S swinger!

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decisions decisions!

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over the winter I have done a swinger swap and fitted the R swinger to my S

a couple of people have now said the prefer it with the S swinger and the way the exhausts were mounted

obviously this got me thinking and the more I look the more I cant decide :banghead:banghead:banghead


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Hmmm if you hadn't said anything I'd not have thought about it. But now you mention it I prefer the look of the S arrangement.
I think its how far the cans sit back that make the difference!
notch the swinger and refit the S headers
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yeah I did think about doing it that way stu
The R swinger makes the bike look so much cleaner... :rotfl
Agree with notching, especially since you're using lower fairings.

Just makes the rear wheel look like its part of the bike not just hanging off the frame.
Id keep the R swinger and simply cut the cans a tad...
Agree with Mike, keep the R swinger but shorten the cans a little.
Keep R swinger, shorten cans.
after a lot of thinking I think I'm going to cut the swinger and stick the oe headers back on!

so next thing whats the best way to cut the swinger and where :laugh
I don't own a TLS, I have the R but I think the R swing arm look way better on your bike than the S swing arm. I would do what was suggested and cut the pipes down to have a better flow to bike.
I'd consider cutting a couple of inches from the pipe and re-weld it so it brings the cans back in towards the bike. A good side to this would be the option to angle the flange to the angle you want the cans on too.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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