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Dealer mode bridging on a Cagiva Navi

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Hi guys, im after a pic of the dealer mode plug and the placement of the wire so i can check my TPS.
I think ive located the plugs under the seat to the rear.

Cheers. :)
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Checking and Setting the TPS on the suzuki/raptor


Warm the bike up to operating temperature.(70-80)

Locate the Dealer Mode block under the rear seat(right side on the Raptor).

With the ignition off, remove the rubber cover and jumper the two connectors with a paperclip or other suitable object. Do not let the paperclip contact the frame.

Start the bike and make sure it is idling at 1200 RPM.

The LCD display on the tachometer should read C--
( If the second line is either down or up then your tps is out. )

Advance the throttle to 1400 RPM with the Fast Idle Lever.

After a few seconds at 1400 RPM, the indicator in the LCD should advance to the upper mark.

If it advances at 1400 RPM, your TPS is set correct.

Raise the tank.
- Disconnect the VCSV coupler (Leftside rear of airbox)
The TPS should now be exposed on the rear throttle body(leftside)
You will need a #25 Safety Torx Bit to adjust the TPS.
(Your tps is the black bit/part sat on the leftside of your rear t/b(3 pin/wire plug)
Loosen the screws to the TPS and start the bike.
Check the idle is at 1200 RPM and the bike is at normal operating temperature. Tap the TPS up and to the right until the indicator goes to the top mark. Now tap the TPS in the opposite direction until it just barely drops to the center mark (remember the delay, give it a few seconds after each tap). Tighten the Torx screws. Check the TPS by advancing it to 1400 RPM again and make sure the indicator moves up.

Hope this helps.
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Righto thanks for that , eventually found the pic of the plug on Rapter Chapter on a diff comp.
Time to invest in a Torx set.

Cheers Cantab
It needs to be a torx set for security torx. The torx screws on the TPS have a little dimple in the middle.

Check the setting first, it may not need adjusting. If it does require adjustment remove the torx one at a time and replace them with allen cap screws. This will allow you to check and adjust later without lifting the tank if you use a ball headed allen key.

I would also check and adjust (if required) the throttle body sync whilst you have the tank up.

Checked today and found the TPS is out, at 1200rpm lower mark , at 1400rpm middle.
Im wondering if the TB and valve clearances are ok as the previous owner said he had just done them to…
So on that note I'm going to book the bike in and get it all done and plugs will get the torx bolts swapped to cap screws so i can do
that next time.

I replaced the O ring on the clutch cover to but still it weeps (between the longest bolt and the short bolt to its right)
Does the cover warp ? I read up around here about the spacers in the covers needing to be ground back a little, maybe i need to do this.

The tps being out will make a significant difference.

My cover was leaking as well. Took it off and the seal was missing. I found some material and made an"O" ring, a smear of sealant and it's sorted.

Good luck.
The tps being out will make a significant difference.

My cover was leaking as well. Took it off and the seal was missing. I found some material and made an"O" ring, a smear of sealant and it's sorted.

Good luck.
Hopefully when everythings balanced and set correctly much of the jerkiness at lower revs will be much better, then ill see about a custom PC111 or Teka 2 tune....

Ill look for some suitable sealant and have another go at the cover,

Thanks again , Cantab
Bike back from shop today, 7 shims, TPS etc done, pretty much a new bike , low end stutter sorted, the flat spot
between 3 - 4000rpm is at 3000rpm only... so much easier to ride with noticeable extra grunt.

Just gotta get another clutch cover as the spacer grinding and sealant hasnt worked..

You are now infected.

I predict a couple of weeks of contentment, quickly followed by the urge to make it just a little bit better. And better.

Enjoy the contentment.
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