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Hey guys,
There is a local station in So. Cali called Indy 103 that is on 103.1 FM. One of their DJ's happens to be Henry Rollins, that 3rd & most well known singer of the local punk band Black Flag. Henry plays quite an eclectic mix of stuff & very rare & hard to find stuff on his show. Not a whole lot of thrash or hardcore which is a little surprising. Maybe one song every 2 hour show. His show is on every Tuesday night on the West Coast of the USA from 8PM to 10PM, it being 9:05PM out here right now. Henry's website is
& the station's website is accessable on an icon on Henry's homepage. The website lists what artists & songs Henry plays on his weekly show plus the background on the particular track & why he thinks it is good / or why it is so difficult to find. Neat show for those who resent the typical mounds of garbage spewed forth on regular commercial radio.

Have fun, I'm out to see some live music. Some cool San Diego bands are playing in town & one of them (the Duchesses) really rock.

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