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compatible front mudguard/fender

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Does anyone know what other front mudguard/fender will fit the TL1000 ?

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What exactly are you after? There's used on fleecebay obviously or skidmarx do stuff eg.

or you can get serious.... ;)
I guess I am looking for different shaped fender, on the bandit you can get a mini/ribbed/alien ect and some other makes for bikes will also fit the forks...

Just after something similar for the Tl1000 ideally something smaller and less bulky on the side.

If worse comes to it I can always cut down the one I have.
..... you can get a mini/ribbed/alien ....
You sure it's a fender that you're after? :)
:) I know where your minds going.. its the "ribbed" that got you.. some called it ribbed fender others call it wavy.
:) ... some called it ribbed fender others call it wavy ...
Really? You gonna have have to show me one of those. I know I ain't seen no wavy fender cept when it's due to accident damage and I sure ain't seen no alien one either .... have I .... Oh I don't know. Right gettin' me research hat on now. I off to find one of these here funny ol' things. :confused
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Sorry bit hard to see the front fender.. but you get the idea
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Whoa ... Let's see some more of that please. Know where you're coming from now.

Ignore the side frame filler from the pics, somewhat hides the front fender.
Looking at that pic I'd be surprised if that fender didn't fit the TL. You tried swapping it in there?
its not my bike, just an example of what I am after... I know its a MGM fender (German company) but that's all..

Did some google searches but just the same fender for the TL1000 keeps popping up, and nothing compatible.
TLR, TLS and 97-00 GSXR 600 and 96-99 GSXR 750 and SRAD (96-00) fenders will all interchange.

Ok found some info myself... there must be a STicky with details on parts you can swap with other bikes.

Seems to be a ton of differenet ones on this site, maybe I will look at the universal one for my project...

Please feel free to let me know of any other bikes with fenders that fit the TL fender bracket
Kin hell .... Didn't even know you could get so many different kindsa fender. You learn something every day .... well I learn a lot every day ... not too bright me:rolleyes
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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