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Clutch Pushrod Seal Gone????? - pics

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Clutch Pushrod Seal???? So I took off the front sprocket cover and found an abundance of pure sewage! Note in couple of pics the metal sleeve that is just sitting below the pushrod.... It was like that when I took the cover off. I am no genious, nor egghead, (well maybe a little bit), but common sense tells me the metal sleeve was supposed to be on the pushrod????? Would that make a difference in oil leakage? Since I'm in there, I'll probably replace the seal, if that's what it is. Last pic is after a quick cleaning showing metal sleeve below pushrod that was loose upon removing sprocket cover. Thanks for everybody's responses in advance... y'all rock! :banana


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get some brake cleaner and get in there...
I though mine was
you'll need a breaker bar to get that front sprocket it looks to be the original
and get the right size sockets too for that nut and the rear wheel nut
NO! No brake cleaner - bad for the rubber ... apparently :laugh

Yeah that looks normal - all the shit off the chain gets lobbed in there :( the sleeve is probably a spacer for the bolts and slave cylinder ...

Here's what you do ...
1. do NOT pull on the rod, move it or fiddle with it. Leave it in place!
2. carefully, with warm soapy water, gently with a soft brush or big cotton bud, clear as much of the gunk out of there as you can - without disturbing the rod.
3. keep cleaning till you can't see a spot of gunk in there.
4. clean the slave cylinder, gently again - there's a piston there that pushes on the rod with a rubber seal that you don't want to bugger. If you do bugger the seal, it's better and cheaper to replace the whole slave. At least, it was when the seal went on me :(
5. now you can see the seal on the engine, gently slide the rod out. It SHOULD be clean under seal ... if not, you'll need to replace the seal.
6. If all is good, then I'd try to put some rubber enhancing (keep it supple) product on the seal, then put some grease on rod and stick it in, gently.
7. figure out which bolts and spacer go where - I think there's 3 different lengths on the 3 bolts. The manual or the fiche from will help there.

That should be about it! Assuming the seals are good, you've ruled out the biggest cause of a slipping clutch on a TLR :yes
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If he is going to replace the seal
nothing is going to clean that shit outta there better that brake cleaner
and look at that mingin'

you know and I know...that seal is a weak point....
if its not leaking its only temporary right now....
he might aswell replace it and make the bike 100%
Yep, that metal sleeve fell down there when you pulled a bolt out. It doesn't go on the pushrod.
PJ-1 contact cleaner!!! Works miracles!!!! Spray and watch it shine!
The grunge in there looks like a mixture of chain lube and aluminium shards from the chain rubbing on the swingarm. there doesn't look like a tell tale path of oil downwards from the pushrod.
The grunge in there looks like a mixture of chain lube and aluminium shards from the chain rubbing on the swingarm. there doesn't look like a tell tale path of oil downwards from the pushrod.
plus one - normal gunk/chain/sprcoket rust to me.
How many miles onm that thing. You have the original chain & sprocs. Might want to make sure the chain is not worn. You don't want that to break...
Just an adder, if your kind not paying attention after you put the updated SV seal in. Becareful when putting the retainer back inthe groove. I accidently pushed the new seal in to far and in pulling the new one out I buggered the sides of the seal a little.
Clutch Pushrod Seal

So, now I hear that it may not be the Clutch Pushrod Seal? I just ordered a new seal, pushrod and Clutch Cylinder assembly. A service guy at a shop said that removal of the front sprocket is not necessary in order to change the seal. Is this true? Isn't there a retainer for the seal that you have to remove that is located behind the sprocket?? I am getting conflicting information... :pirate. Thanks again for all the replies and info!:hail Otherwise, I would be taking the bike in to the shop to get butt-raped!! :puke
Oh, my bike has 49K miles... still runs strong.. despite puking oil! :rockon
You have to remove the front sprocket to get the retainer off. 32 mm socket on an impact works well.
Best to replace it all anyway - no harm in that ;)
Get a new seal for your primary output shaft as well - as your taking the sprocket off anyway to do the pushrod seal, you may as well change that as well
Make sure you don't put that aluminum spacer over the push rod! That spacer fell straight down from when you took the slave cylinder off. You will need to remove front sprocket to replace seal, you don't have to drain the oil........unless you spray a bunch of crap down into the sump. Do a search, lots of pics and info on replacing that seal.

Might want to replace sprockets/chain too. That is a lot of miles if stock setup.
I would have started with cleaning it (oh, wait, thats what I did... :p ) and ride a bit and see if the leak continues.

The pictures is before and after a cleaning of my bike.
It was leaking clutchfluid. I think, was hard to tell with all the grease.
If I remember right I first cleaned it with WD40 and then with an "environmental friendly degreaser" (OKQ8 miljövänliga avfettning, för er Svenskar ;) )

Has never leaked again. And I didnt replace a thing. I did order it, and it still lies in my bits-box waiting for the seal to fail...

Before - leaking.

After cleaing - non leaking.

Good luck.

NB. If you replace the seal, be carefull as they are a PITA. They tend to break the first time you do it. Untill you have "the touch", a light hand is the way to go.
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NO! No brake cleaner - bad for the rubber ... apparently :laugh
Brake parts cleaner is the sh!t. Yes, it'll break down the seal but if it's being replaced anyway - does it matter? Let it air dry (shouldn't take long, about a minute tops) and do the damn thing :)!
I broke the front left bolt off that holds the clutch slave in place and I was wondering if I can replace the cover the it threads or is it part of the motor and I have to drill it out?
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