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Clear Out of R Bits

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Having a clear out. its amazing how much stuff you can keep hold of.

apologies for the naff photos cant seem to find my camera.

Collection only.

Auto part Suspension

Random selection of parts as pictured and anything else i find this week. £10.00

Product Sword Pipe Metal

Pair of forks that are straight however The left one has a blown seal and a knackered adjuster at the bottom compression adjuster i think.
The right one has had one of the mudguard mounts drilled out. £30.00

Blue Electric blue Fuel tank

Petrol tank no cap or fuel pump Looks like it was yellow before it was sprayed. no nasty dents but has been sprayed blue probably needs a new coat of paint. £25.00

Yellow Cap Headgear Textile Costume hat

Mudguard in Yellow all intact but needs a good clean £15.00

Swingarm complete and solid but has some gravel rash on the Brace. £25.00

I Also have a 98 Frame its not quite ready to go yet as i need to finish stripping it to transplant in to my nice new black frame should be ready mid next week.

It is a cat C but is solid and in good straight condition. Has been on the road for over 2 years since The insurance company wrote it off.

They wrote it off when my neighbour knocked it over with her car when it was parked on my drive and being bright yellow it was quite difficult for her to see apparently. :banghead

Anyway £45 for the frame i think it still has MOT on it at the moment and comes with V5 Also.


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Forgot to mention the forks had a pair of hyperpro springs fitted October last year.

Also now available

TL1000r 5/8 Master Cylinder complete with reservoir with a pair of Red Braided Venhill Lines. £20.00
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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