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cleaning kit contest from Ron Ayers

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I get my OEM parts from Ron Ayers via their online fiche. I seem to have won a $100 motorcycle cleaning kit from them. I wonder how many others also did, and what it's REALLY worth??? Can't knock it, I do have dirty motorcycles.
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Expect to see a 'before & after' pic of the bike once cleaned!

If you need another bike to do a proper test of the kit I'm sure a few people will volunteer to help out with a dirty bike.... :)
Did you get the cleaning kit already? If so what is inside it and post up some pics? I am thinking there are soap, wax, wash rags or sponges, degreaser, chain lube and stuff like that, once you receive it like is said post up some pics and what is inside of it, start by itemising then search on line or at the bike shop to see how much it is worth, the price of it shouldn't matter as you won it and it was free, unless you are planning on selling it to make a few dollars.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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