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Chrome stock TL wheels, with some detarioration of the chrome

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Chromed stock wheels. Chrome is starting to look crummy so I bought CZ wheels. But surely someone has some good use for them. Includes stock rear sprocket carrier hub w/ cush drive etc. Straight, good bearings, etc. $100 for both plus shipping or pick 'em up ASAP.
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I'll get some tomorrow if you're really interested. Hmm, Ohio...perhaps I could bring them to Fort Knox with me...
Cool, that's like 5 hours from here. Closer than 40 hours though lol
Well, maybe 1/3 the price to ship anyway.
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Uhrichsville!? Yes, I know where that is. :yes
Uhrichsville!? Yes, I know where that is. :yes one knows where it is :laugh
Sorry 'bout that. Really busyher.
hi I just became a member do you still have wheels for sale
Sure do, they're in the storage locker and I'd love to get rid of them. If you're serious I'll go look and see if they're easy to find...
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