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Trying to remove my chain. I don't see a master link with like a spring clip like I'm familiar with. Clearly it has to have one. Can someone help me out?
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I would be worried if it did have one!

I wouldnt use one if you pain me!

take a grinder to one of the links and pull the side plate off and buy a new link to replace it with or a new chain
Road bike chains generally have a rivet link, not spring clip. You should see one of the links slightly different from the rest the pins will look different on the side plate. I generally just get the grinder out if changing to a new chain and buff thru one of the side plates. If you buy an OE chain they sometimes come endless, normal replacement chain usually need riveted.
Hope this helps
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Beat me to it Stu......
Spring clips are frowned upon for bikes of the TL's size and power. Instead a rivet joining link is used - this looks the same as the other links, except the pins are usually copper in colour, and have a dimple on the ends allowing them to be spread. To remove I just grind the pins flat with an angle grinder, allowing the link to be pressed apart. You can buy a specialist tool to join and seperate rivet links, but I have always made do with vice-grips, angle grinder and a ball-pien hammer.

Just remember, if you **** it up it could destroy your cases or even kill you!!
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Well I need it of cause I swaped engines and I can't set the sprocket off to get the chain back on. If I recall it's not reverse threaded. Any suggestions?
the chain should slip over the front sprocket? remove the swingarm and remove the chain
Make sure bike is out of gear. If the back wheel is in place get someone to stand on the rear brake while you use a socket and strongarm to remove sprocket nut. I had to use a 1.5m steel pipe to extend the strongarm, and still had to swing on it quite hard - they are a bitch to undo. They are conventionel "lefty-loosey" but have factory 'loktite'. If you dont have the wheel in place, put the axle back in and use a thin screwdriver through the chain links, pinning it through top and bottom just in front of the axle. This will lock the chain.

IMHO i would NEVER use a rattle-gun with all those hardened gears and shafts on the other side of the cases:O Someone who knows more than me may say otherwise...but I cringe at the thought of a rattle-gun in this instance...
Just read your post again - you may have to cut the chain - a new link is pretty cheap. Otherwis you can do the above by draping an old length of chain between front and rear sprockets - if it'll fit...:O
Well see I'm trying to get the chIn back on. I've already done the swap. Their isn't enough room to slip the chain on the sprocket. The only way is to remove the sprocket. Perhaps I need to heat it. I'll keep wailing on it. Thanks for the help guys
I'd cut the chain - a rivet link is $10, cutting and joining is 20 minutes.

Without the chain, holding the sprocket while you undo the nut is the issue, whether or not you use heat. 1st gear is not an option:lol
Where would on aquire a rivit link? Is that something I can put on or do I need a press?
gee I don't know Perhaps a place that sells motorcycle stuff. they might even sell you the tool to put the plate on and swage the pins. I sure hope I am never unfortunate enough to get a bike that has been through your hands.
If you don't know this stuff perhaps you should not be doing it.

Tom R
How bout you go **** yourself tom, or better yet, SUCK MY DICKUP TILL U HICCUP!
Every bike I've ever has has a master link. What good is a chain you can't take off? Clearly you know shit about the US tom. We don't have have a motorcycle shop on every corner and I don't know where u been for the last 8 months but I won't be going to my local dealership and you go thru the history if u care to know why. I'm not going thru it again as it's been a MAJOR topic of discussion on this forum. Try to keep up Thomas.
Oh, and by the way I got it off. Thanks everyone EXCEPT thommy
buddy pull your head in.

want to stay around then lift your game.

pretty easy to stopyou getting any help at all if you carry on like this.

if you read what has been written then removing the back wheel frees up enough chain.

**** head!
Clearly you don't know what you are talking about. You CAN NOT pull the chain around the front sprocket with it in place, I don't care how much slack u have, ITS IMPOSSIBLE! And for the record, nobody asked your ****in opinion and as rude as you are your the last ****in person to be talking. He made a rude comment and he got one back. So um, who made u God Stu. Nobody likes you cause your a rude ass bitch and you don't know as much as u think. So look everybody, Stu pid says don't help me. Oh but wait, I'm not an asshole to everybody like u and because of that I have friends here that don't like u and continue to help me when I need it as I do them. Your just an ass Stu and that's all you'll ever be. You've tried to get me banned before, go ahead and try again. You'll get banned LONG before I will. I don't stRt shit, I finish it and I'm respectful to people that deserve respect. You and your buddy Timmy don't deserve any respect so none is given. Now you can do exactly as I told your buddy. So do u want me sitting or standing, and be carful, I hate grazers.
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Perhaps you could tone it back a bit. A tool you should be looking for is this

Good luck with the rest of your project.
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mate, you ask a dumb **** question you no right acting surprised if you get a dumb **** answer.
where the hell else are you going to get a part for a bike but a bike shop.
you got ****ed over once by the stealership and went back, I ask ya who is the numb nuts?

many have given you good advice then you charged of in your own direction because you knew better, why ask in the first place.

and for the record I don't believe I was rude, flippant perhaps but that was the question you asked
also for the record you did ask
Tom R
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