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ccc and pressure plate in blue.

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Hey my as new vanD###er CCC and pressure plate.
Delivery charges to you.

Also six bolt clutch and Sams welded BTL with barnett springs.

I would prefer to sell ccc and pressure plate together.

I am in the Netherlands.
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Also advertised elsewhere.
So it may sell
Pm me regards kenny
You are in the states it would kill the deal sorry dude.
Delivery charges would be crazy.
Not for me, just info for anyone interested.
Serious interested parties can PM me. :thumbup
That's a nice bit of kit there Kenny.

Serious interested parties can PM me. :thumbup
However, the guidelines say to name a price.....

"..... Market place, name your price and see how it goes, you can always drop the price later on if necessary."

Maybe some rich guy here in the US would like to take it off your hands. :laugh

Also, in the photo, it doesn't appear that the clutch center is welded. :confused Or were the photos taken before the welding?
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Hey Six5 :thumbup

Yes Sam welded it after.

The CCC is possible sold .
On another forum.
So only the pressure plate and six bolt clutch remain.

Price for the pressure plate £90
And price for the clutch with welded BTL £110
And one set of barnett springs £12
All plus delivery costs.
Ccc sold.
Pressure plate also sold :)

An other work of art by Sam. :;)
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