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Carrozeria valve stem hole size?

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...I'm thinking it's 8.3mm? Can anyone verify for me please?

thanks in advance!
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It will be a std size for all wheels and manufacturers
Not really... :no
Italian manufacturers usually have a 8.3mm hole in their rims. Italian OEMs and Marchesini, Marvic, OZ, and BST...
The Japanese manufacturers use a larger stem of 11.3mm.

I am not sure about the carozzerias though... Being Italian I guess it's the 8.3mm but you have to make sure before deciding anything...
Their name mademe think they're Italian..
They are not Japanese, for sure...

I searched a bit and found that they are manufactured in USA

Their site used to be but it doesn't exist any more... Anyone knows it? :O
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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