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Cam cover gaskets

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I've whipped the covers off whilst checking valve clearances. Do I need to replace the gasket or apply a bead of sealant? They seem in ok condition tbh, I'm thinking a bead of gasket sealant would do it....


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Use something like Three Bond, Yamabond, or Suzukibond. You only need it on the round parts at the ends of the cams. Make sure you clean off the old stuff. If your gasket is brittle at all, replace it. Make sure the rubber is on correctly for the spark plug hole.
Cheers Doug. That was my plan, just needed it confirming :)

Yeah, I thought silicone too, but the book says 99000-31140: Suzuki Bond "1207B"
fit it and watch for leaks if it doesnt leak then no problem!!

I have reused mine about 3 or 4 times with no sealant and not had a single drip
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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