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brand new TL1000R top radiator.

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Not a bad price. I just bought the lower counterpart to this.

Cost me £85.
No one else can beat that price.
I have a new sv1000s rad .
For the S when it needs replacing I have something. :thumbup
Is this the wrong forum, and an admin may delete or move it unless you can post in the for sale section if it's your item. Otherwise there's an eBay forum, though admittedly the post will get more attention here.
Been pretty lax on this lately...
Not that I care at all
I am not selling it.
People are always looking for these.
and at a fraction of suzuki price.

this deserves an alert .

the price difference between the two is way too much.

Our bikes are not going to get any younger .
parts like this .
harder to find.
Then, until recently, admins would move this to the "eBay Auctions Forum" in the Marketplace, unless you had a specific question or topic of discussion regarding the item. Just eBay finds aren't supposed to be here...though I admit I do it too. Whatever; I'm not the forum police. Best regards... the exact rules are unclear, and I've had a lot of things I'd thought were of general interest get moved. Then again, the admins have been mellower lately.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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