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Brake help please!!! Suzuki TL1000S with TLR 6-piston calipers:

I just rebuilt my front calipers with new seals, and cleaned the pistons really well. I oiled them with brake fluid and pushed them in all the way. Some did not go in easily though. Then put the calipers on the bike, and gravity bled the lines. Then I bled each caliper using the method of: squeeze lever - open bleed valve - release lever, slowly- close valve - repeat. I did this several times on each caliper. I still have no pressure in the lever, and the pads are still loose....
I think the pistons are stuck in their bores.
Any recommendations???? Should I use compressed air to force the pistons out, then re-bleed everything again?

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here's the fix

so do it exactly as I describe it..

if it doesn't work then there is a problem with master cylinder seals and valves etc............but I doubt it.

1) remove the banjo and line from the master.

2) put your finger over the hole.

3) press the lever to the bars and hold it there

4) release your finger and replace it

5) release the lever and pressit again and hold

6) release finger and replace

7) do this until fluid pushes your finger out of the way and no bubbles come out

8) replace the banjo and line. don't worry about the fluid running everywhere just catch it with a rag. don't let the master reservoir run low on fluid.

9) remove line from caliper and clamp end between finger and thumb

10) squeeze lever and hold

11) release fingers and reclamp.

12) squeeze lever and hold

13) repeat until only fluid as before.

14) reconnect to caliper

15) remove caliper bleed nipple from caliper.

16) finger over hole / squeeze lever and hold / remove finger and replace / squueze lever etc till only fluid comes out or forces past finger.

17) replace nipple

18) remove line from other caliper and do the same as before

19) repace line and remove nipple

20) you should know what to do by now .

21 ) refit nipple and go back to first caliper and loosen nipple.

22) squueze lever and place finger over end . ( dame deal till only fluid comes out.)

23) tighten nipple and repeat on second caliper.

24) Deals done ...........if you aint got a lever by now you have serious probs with master cylinder.

BTW do not ever use cable ties over night or any other mythological fixes.

The one above is the definitive instruction list ...
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