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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

The winter project to turn my 36000mile TLS into a TL :jack over is well under way!

Although she is old with a few dents and scratches on the body work she still looks good for her age and milage but as I will never part with her I might as well have a TLS to be proud off.

Already fitted to her is

hyper pro steering damper (shot, and to be replaced)
Ohlins rear suspension (needs a service)
forks have ohlins internals. (to be replaced as they are bent and fuzucked)
Black Power bronze double bouble screen (bough a few months a go)
Mega bling crystal LED min indicators ( bought a few months ago)
Undertray (bough a few months ago)
Fibre light carbon yoke cover (to be replaced)
fibre light carbon petrol filler cap surround
Art race cans.

On order...

Wavey Disks from Wreckah (front and Rear)
New and very Blink Hypa pro steering damper from wreckah as well. I will sell my old one - seals need replacing!

I am still Wating for my KAD GOld Yoke from SPeedking. Bloddy Postal service is so crap and slow - hopefully that will arrive next week!

I have a really good sprayer who will do a fine job on the bike. I still can not make my mind up yet as to paint scheme I want!

Next things to get are Pazzo levers and some rear sets along with some other top secret goodies that I can not speak of for danger to my life!:devious
Hopefully I will be able to get down to Cikko's at some point to polish my exhaust and other metal bits!

Pictures of my goodies in a box with some bits that Topcat has ordered from Jan to get his wrecked bike back on the road!

My bike is besides Topcats in his Garage. After Topcat's spill in Belgium he is also on a mission to make is TL something special!

Will document our progress..
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