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Bitubo Shock Spring

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Hi all starting a full strip down on the TL shes getting a bit run down so I got a second bike GSXR 1000 K5 to get me around while this happens.
What I need to know is I have a Bitubo shock and the spring has paint coming off and rust showing its age.
1. I want to remove the spring from the shock is the a good way to do this my self or is it a factory level maintenance?
2. Am I better to powder coat (will the cooking of the paint kill the spring) or plastic coat?
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I didn't pay much attention on my Bitubos but every shock absorber I've ever had was easy to take the spring off of with an appropriate small spring compressor. I usually use a modified automotive spring compressor that was made for much bigger springs. I just radically cut down the size of the arms that hook the spring. It sometimes still scratches the shock body if I'm not careful; I really should re-shape the parts that hook onto the spring.

I sometimes used two small high-quality ratcheting tie-downs laced around the spring coils. I've also seen all kinds of useful homemade lever compressors. I've seen bolts welded to bead-breakers, so that the bead-breaker compresses the shock with the spring on it; then with the spring already compressed it's easier to clip on a spring compressor.
:stupid Also often they can come off without a compressor. Shoot DannyNever a PM or ring Traxxion Dynamics. They know bitubos well and can answer more specifically. They'll also know about the spring. My guess is that powder coating won't be an issue. I suspect that the temp you cook them at won't bother the spring at all, but that's just a guess.
Hope not cos I'm just getting the spring out of my Ohlins powdered. Same thing, rust and peeling paint. I will be a tad peeved if it comes back with no bounce.

I have a lot of faith in the people doing the work so I'm wouldn't expect them to subject such a thing to unsuitable treatment. And let's not forget the thing will spend its life sat an inch away from the pipe exiting the rear cylinder on a TL. I think we can safely say a little heat isn't going to kill it. :)
I just opened my Bitubo box to install it in my TLS. It definitely has a typical slotted ring in order to remove the spring, just like most shocks.

Only on the stock SOAS did I have to drill out the punch and unscrew the end.
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