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Right then, I have a stock dumper on the bike still, though re-valved by a pro suspension shop (MH Racing). It has never really been a problem for me, having grown up with 70's/80's Italian bikes on Marzochi twin shocks..... :coocoo :laugh

The SOAS was doing the braying donkey trick earlier in the year, but was solved with liberal application of WD40 :coocoo

So, should I stick with the stock dumper and spend my money on other bits, buy a Bitubo for £300 delivered, and maybe have a weak spring (according to some of what I've read), or spend the dosh on a Hagon damper (£255 delivered) and new spring ($120+ according to another thread here) and still have a braying donkey in the future :confused

I also need to pay attention to the forks (see another thread), and only have limited funds .... not sure where the pennies are best spent :confused

Unless of course "she who must be obeyed" spots the risk of me spending my hard-earned on the bike .... :banghead :banghead :laugh

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i asked similar questions to k-tech suspension and this is the email i got back i hope it helps

Hi Stu

The std internals in the TL1000S forks have the potential to be good. We can revalve the forks and give them more compression and rebound damping forces which transforms the handling of the bike. We would also fit different rate fork springs to suite your weight.
The approx cost of doing this to your forks would be £200.00 inc Vat which includes new seals, springs oil & labour.
For the shock I would recommend an aftermarket shock such as an Ohlins. The cost of one of these is £485.00 inc VAT and comes with compression & rebound adjustment but does not have a spring on the shock and relies on the std spring fitted to the bike. This may be an issue if the spring that has been fitted to your bike is harder than the one that was taken off.

Best Regards

Chris Taylor

K-Tech Suspension Ltd
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Linden Way
LE67 3JY

Tel:-+44 (0)1530 810 625 Ext 3
Fax:- +44 (0)1530 832 061
mail:- [email protected]

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