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barrett products:

last night i sent them a email asking if they sell repacking kits for there C/F mufflers - how much etc.
also i was the first one to order the C/F muffler for a XR600RN from them & told them the KLM the muffler has done 300,000+ klm's :yes you red it right.

anyway i just read there reply -

Hi Brett,

If you send me your address i will post you out some packing and rivets free of charge. As for the carbon fibre, last time i tried to order some i was told that there was a world shortage of it and that i wouldn't be able to buy any. So if i could get some we'd still be making the cf pipes, but as it is at the moment we are unable to.

Barrett Products

i was not looking for a hand out so a big :hail :hail :hail to these guys :)
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