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Back on a sport bike. :)

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After I got rid of my 1997 TL1000S that I absolutely loved I went thru a few other bikes and even tried my hand at a cruiser. The cruiser I still have, it is a 2012 Victory Hammer 8-Ball. Though its a great bike and fun it is just not me so today I picked up a bike I have wanted for a VERY long time. Having only put 3,800 miles on my Hammer since I purchased it almost two years ago I thought it time to get what I really wanted. Needless to say the Victory is up for sale with a price to move it! lol

Having always been a Suzuki fan I loved the Busa but it seems like everyone has one. Even a few days ago they made me a very good price on a left over with a good trade for my Victory. I just couldnt do it because I dont want another bike payment. Looking around I found a bike that I thought was the best looking of the big bore bikes, a ZX12R. I always loved the black with the gold lower section and gold wheels. I found one local to me that is just all black with silver letters and under 15k miles. It has a few add ons but nothing major done and it is in very good shape with only minimal scratches. I have owned a few other Kawasaki bikes and they were fantastic and I hope this one pans out much the same.

After riding the bike about 55 miles home today I realized that on a sport bike is where I belong. :devious

The power is fantastic and smooth and the only modifications for power is a PCIII and it has a bold on Yosh pipe (just for sound, maybe a little bit of weight reduction). It has frame sliders, Hot Bodies undertail, some short levers and a Zero Gravity windscreen.

I will try and post up some pics in the coming days as I want to detail it first. Though its not a TL and not a twin I have to say the power is very addicting. Maybe I should change my name to ZX_Addict? :O

A lot has changed since I had my TL. I went back to college and got my Bachelors degree in Accounting, built a house, then moved out of it and relocated to Florida with my girl friend. So far I dig the area, though it was cold for a few days the weather is fantastic and I like driving my Corvette every day of the year.

Well all, I have rambled on for a while. Have a good evening and anyone with any knowledge of these bikes please chime in.
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Good to hear from ya. I'm done I think with Sportbikes but I do miss the TLS. Penn. is like a polar ICE cap, its a good thing you're a floridian now.

You just have to watch out for the ground caving in on ya. I'd be scrared to buy any property down there now after the recent ground cave-ins

I have some knowledge of ZX12Rs. They are faster than TL-Rs. :(

I had a minor contest against one once. He humoured me up to an indicated 160mph on my speedo, then waved and took off over the horizon.

Git. Not that I'm jealous or owt.... :laugh
Haha, yeah, PA is cold. My girls family is from there and looking to come down soon as are my parents considering the move. As for the sink holes, it scares the shit out of me. lol

This thing has V-twin style torque, it really does and at about 7k things really come to life. One thing I like, and I did it will my TLS was it has a 190/55 on the rear. Tip in is faster. It has the Pilor Road 3 tires and so far they are pretty good. I see it has some air filters too much like K&N style. The thing runs freaking amazing and I cant wait to have some fun with it once I get the suspension dialed in and used to the bike a little more.

I found some nice TLR's and a TLS in my area but they wanted almost as much for one as this ZX and the ZX has less miles.

It rained today so I didnt get any pics yet.
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Good to hear from ya. I'm done I think with Sportbikes but I do miss the TLS. Penn. is like a polar ICE cap, its a good thing you're a floridian now.

You just have to watch out for the ground caving in on ya. I'd be scrared to buy any property down there now after the recent ground cave-ins

Ever try out a Victory Hammer? haha I know a good guy with a nice one for sale!
I have been riding Suzuki's since 1980. And last year when looking for a new bike I was tempted by a new Busa but I have the TLR and my mates now ride Harleys so wanted something more in line with them. I bought a Suzuki VZR1800 or M109R as it's mostly called in the states. I wasn't expecting the bike to be so much fun. Doesn't have a huge amount of ground clearance but the engine loves to be revved and even the standard exhaust makes a nice (but quiet) noise.
I have 2 mates that have ZX12's, if money and storage space weren't an issue I'd have a Kawasaki green one sitting in the garage too. They are a great bike and I think I even prefer to look of them to the Busa. They are a very rare site on the roads in the UK.
Congrats on your choice of bike.:thumbup
Thanks! I find myself going out to the garage to look at it, much like I did with my TL1000S.

As far as the M109R (as us Yanks call it!), all I can say is that it is an awesome bike and was in the top couple of my choice. As my friend had one I didnt want to copy him so it ended up being the big Vic because of the deal they gave me and the dealer was a great guy and let me test anything I wanted. Even when I went in for the 500 mile check they let me take a 23k bike (brand new) off the showroom to try.

Again, today it is raining so no good pics.
I looked at the Victory Hammer when I was searching for something different to replace my stolen GSF1250. But my working bikes tend to look like crap after a UK winter or 2. I don't have a garage to keep the bike in so it lives outside and didn't want to trash a £13000 bike. the '9' was £4k cheaper. If we get much more rain here I'm going to be chopping it in for a seadoo. :banghead

The TLR lives in a mates nice dry garage but it's 20+ miles away. Just means I can't go and look at her whenever I want to....:inlove :bawling
I wouldnt know what to do if I couldnt look at my bikes/cars on a regular basis. lol
I wouldnt know what to do if I couldnt look at my bikes/cars on a regular basis. lol
I'd save a whole heap of time and cash ..... but then life would be dull!
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Took the bike to work yesterday. What a great bike. Easy to ride in traffic though the clutch feels a little heavy (could be from the shorty leavers that I HATE!), and it is tall so I am still getting used to that bit it tips in quickly an the front just seems to go where I want it without much effort. The rear feels as if it pushes out on me a bit but I attest that to the front end going where I want it quickly. The tires are not bad either, they are Pilot Road III's and so far so good. I still have my chicken strips but with a 190/55 isntead of the 200/50 it is taller with a more angular profile. I swapped from a 190/50 to a 190/55 on my TL and I could go thru the same corner faster and not be as close to the edge of the tire, if that makes sense.

So far I have but one complaint and that is the MPG's. lol I am 6'1" and about 210 lbs so the bike fits me well. That being said I think I am going to drop the front 1" and the rear 1" and go from there.

As far as stability at speeds the thing is rock solid. Much more so than any other bike I have been on. So far I am really pleased with the bike. Aside from some scratches from the prior owner trying to polish it (he did a horrible job) I really dont want to change much. I "might" end up with a full exhaust system and some timing tweaks and a good tune. Then that will be about it.
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It is a great bike to ride. Congrats on getting back in the saddle of sportbikes! I see you over on that GTO site from time to time. I'm tiretread over there.
I have seen you post. Give me a PM sometime over there. :) Now if we can get you in a Vette you will be set!
I do want to get into a vette so bad. Yellow vert with some black and I'd be in heaven. Contemplating selling my Z4M to help fund the ride.
Get a Vette. :)

Mine is going in the shop in a few weeks for some work. Hoping to hit pretty close to 600 rwhp. But if we tune conservative may be closer to 550.
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