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Atmospheric Pressure Solenoid Valve

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Hi all whats the purpose of this unit? Is it a vital part?:coocoo

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Is that a vacuum control solenoid valve?
If it is it opens the "flappers" in the airbox.
If the airbox has been modded and had the flappers removed,then no,you don't need it
Hmm--my APSV was most definitely vital. It acted up and the bike would stall over and over again. Replaced it and she ran beautifully. Expensive little bugger, too.
Hmmm.... maybe I have this confused: when I translated the name from Japanese it was the "atmospheric pressure sensor"--one and the same, or a different item?
Yep,you certainly need an Atmospheric Pressure Sensor and an Intake Air Pressure Sensor.
I think the device in the picture is the VCSV that operates the intake flaps in the airbox
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The pic is definitely the VCSV I have one sat in a box :laugh
Yeah, the pic is the solenoid valve that lets the ECU control the vacuum servo for the flappers. If you got rid of the flappers, you can disconnect the valve and tape off the wires (ECU will not throw a code) and plug the vacuum line at the throttle body; and if that valve is the only thing on the vacuum line you don't need the vacuum canister either.
Hey guys,

Can I get rid of the plastic flappers only (and put back the vaccum operated flappers to their place thus covering the hole) but not do the full air box mod?

Would that give me anything at all?

Btw, I don't have a Yoshi box or a Commander, so I cannot adjust anything beside removing the plastic flaps.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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