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Art pro series 2 exhaust help please??

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Hi chaps I've been offered some Art pro series 2 exhausts are these any good for our tl1000s with TRE pc3 air box mod done! ATM I am running Simmi race cans loud but I've been told Art cans are louder is this true?? Cheers HURSTY
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Had art on my tls when I bought it.i didn't like the sound.
but they were round alloy. Other shapes may sound better.

Cham has the oval cans on his tls
My tls has all your mods, Art twin outlet pro cans, sound nice but not too loud, bike tuns well with them and my tick over is around 1000 rpm.
Also had art round cans on my r when i bought it.Didn't sound too bad.
Are they one of the loudest cans you can get as after somthing fooking loud I don't have neibours so I am ok lol
No.If you want loud you need a full system with ladybird cans as i have or slash cut.
I have ART oval cans on mine and they sound MIGHTY(no baffles) imho. My mate has beowolf cans on his and it sounds almost wimpy when we are side by side lol

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Hi Rich I think I might give these art cans a go then cheers for the replays guy ��
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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