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Aprilia RSV OZ wheels on TL, Spacer info needed please

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Hi everyone

Picked up a cheap stolen recovered 2003 RSVR, last of the early shape, 2 weeks ago that i have broken up but decided to try fit the wheels to the TL
Immediately i can see i need some disc spacers but i was wondering if anyone had the full info on required spacers + fitting mods etc needed

I understand that the TL has smaller spindle diameters but thats not an issue as i can change the bearings

Thought id ask as i know theres a couple on here with them fitted, trawled through the wheel thread + no info there

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Can't help I'm afraid but are you selling the front end?...... :-D
Sparkymarky fitted the complete front end to his tlr if I'm not mistaken
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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