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Apex 3" riser clip-on

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I know some members on here have them installed, can anyone please post some pics of their setup, and did you cut the fairing with these clipons?

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S or R ?
S can tolerate 1 1/2in rise without cutting fairing

I have some helibars for sale which are designed to fit with no mods and give max rise and some back spacing
Interested, what would the cost be and can you send me some pics?
where are u located?
Holland, but from what i find on the web the helibars are non adjustable?
no they are not.

you can rotate them on the forks but they are setup for the S with the maximum rise and back possible without cutting up the fairings
BTW I have had a set of similar bars to the ones you are looking at and could not stop them slipping out of adjustment.

if you go with adjustables then choose a different style to these
vario bars have good reputation
Thanks, but i will need the adjustment of the handlebar angles!
Then vario bars would be better than the ones you are looking at.
You may be right...

But my wallet says your not.....:(

but those ones have very little adjustment and its cheaper in the long run to find the best you can afford.
its most important to get the angle that suits your hand on the top of the bars not just the side angle for your wrists.

the helibars are designed to get the top angle correct to the forks etc. and you can get the side angle by rotating them.

chosse adjustable bars that let you adjust the top angle as well and the ones you show do not.

if its not correct then its never going to be right.

fully adjustable ones are the way to go if you are going adjustable at all.
But the Apex ones have the adjustments you mention, only just in 8 steps which is ofcourse not as good as fully adjustable.....
If you can wait couple of days i can take some pictures of mine.
If you can wait couple of days i can take some pictures of mine.
No problem, please do so!!
At a local dealers a SV1000s somehow rolled off its stand and smashed its Heli bar, what surprised me was how thin walled
it looked, i have the feeling an orig Suzi wouldnt have broke, may have bent....
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