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Anyone built a Tardis lately?

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I gotta big problem now. I can get my bikes into the garage but then I can't get in:rolleyes:dunno

I'm gonna need to move or something ... My little 675 hates its new stable mate cos it has to go outside every time that I work on the TL ..... And that's all the frickin time of course. So I need to enhance the man cave .... [URL="
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you only need 1 bike and it starts with T

and no its not Triumph ;)

..... you only need 1 bike .....
That's heresy that is ....

I do like my Hinkley babes .... The 675 is my commute scoot. (15k per year). Tenere does the heavy lifts and foreign trips (5k per year). The T/Bird (1700 big bore) is for dicking about at weekends with the missus. I don't really do cars so these are what defines me and how I get about.
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Solution is obvious. Keep the TL in the living room. :laugh
Solution is obvious. Keep the TL in the living room. :laugh
Hmmmm ... Now when I first met my missus I had an XT500 living in my kitchen. She'd say it's taken her a very, very long time to house train me .... If I revert to type I guess I'm done. :D
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