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Any good mechanics in brisbane

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After taking my bike to a shop recommended by a workmate I got burnt.
$500 later and the brakes are still rubbish, plus it'll be due for a major service soon and I haven't done valves before..
Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in Brisbane (preferably on the south side) to do a major service and sort out the brakes without ripping me off?
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I can highly not recommend Express motorcycles in Ipswich (unless of course you feel like getting your tank dented then get charged more than you were quoted) .

Where are you ?
South Maclean (near Jimboomba)
I can also highly not recommend All Bikes at Slacks Creek.

I was thinking about taking it to the local bike shop at jimboomba, but wanted to see if anyone knew of a decent mechanic that has worked on TL's
the ring-in

2 bike benches

no waiting....
Thanks stu,
That would be great.
Buying a hilux this fortnight, so will short on cash till the new year.
So no rush at the moment.
Sent you a pm before I read this post.

On a side note, do you have any rear shock brackets left?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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