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Another dealership horror story!!!

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So I'm rebuilding my engine due to my local dealership sending it out with no oil. I'm at the point where I need the flywheel pulled. I don't have the bolt so I go to another local dealer and they went out of buisness dec 31. I go to another local dealer. They refuse to even touch it so I go to another dealership that is owned by the dealer that ****ed my bike up but I have no choice, there the only dealership left. So I walk in the service department at Halls Suzuki Motorsport's in Mobile, AL and I talk to this Vanilla Ice lookin kid and tell him what I need. He grabs my engine and takes it to the back. A little while later Vanilla Ice and this fat slob lookin ****er wearing a greasy wife beater come out with my engine, flywheel still attached. Mr Wife beater explained that they, Halls SUZUKI does not own a SUZUKI flywheel puller so he commenced to describe how he stuck an unthreaded tappered rod in hole where the 17mm crankshaft bolt goes and begun to wail on it. I immediatly think wtf as I look down the bolt hole and the threads are mangled! I'm like "wtf!!!"!!!! His responce, "you weren't gonna reuse that crank were you"? "NOT ****IIN NOW YOU STUPID ****"!!! "Thanks for deciding that for me, I was so tore over weather to repair or replace it. You cleared that right up for me"!!! I just can not believe the absolute incompetence of this dealership. Why are they still open?
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Would have been easier to buy the bolt I reckon.:coocoo
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
WTF were you thinking. :coocoo Stu gave you the solution to remove your rotor. :banghead

I would attempt to raise some shit with the dealer if that crank could have been turned and reused.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
WTF were you thinking. :coocoo Stu gave you the solution to remove your rotor.
Yes he did, he said get the bolt, I tried. I been to the petebuilt dealership, Tractor Supplyx2, fastenal, the bone yard, and the local farmers coop. The bolt is nowhere I can find it. This is America, were bassacwards. U want standard, we got it. U want metric, **** u!

What was I thinking? I was thinking the SUZUKI dealership would have a SUZUKI flywheel puller. Why I thought they would I don't know I just figured the big ass SUZUKI sign out front was a sure sign that they would have one.
The clue might have been the fact that they shipped it out without oil in the first place. Its a shame that for the sake of a $2 bolt bought off the net you now have no engine. It may still be salvageable but you are going to need a good engineering shop and they appear to be in short supply in your neighbourhood.

We got a shop over here selling new TLS cranks for half price tho'....
Well it wasn't the same shop, just owned by the same people. One is in daphne, al where the guy I got the bike from lives and the shop that did this is in Mobile, al where I live half the year. They didn't screw up all the threads. It can be retreaded but I shouldn't have to do that. I never expected them to be that completely incompetent at 2 different locations. I expected a simple, yes we have the tool or no we don't have the tool. There is a serious lack of qualified tecs around here. I mean there tech looked like a homeless bum off the streets. He certainly was not what I was expecting but he already did the damage. I imagine they would probably deny ****ing my crank up too. Now I know why somebody burned there dealership down a few years back.
Well thank you. The guy at Fastenal said if anyone has it Bay Area Screw would, if they don't no one will. Most suppliers only go up to m16. If you want standard they have it. If u want metric they don't. Perhaps I'll just get on the phone but America has a SERIOUS customer service issue or lack their of. They will typically just say no we don't have it to avoid having to look. There are some seriously lazy ****ers in this country.
ring the bike wreckers for a 20mm axle or swingarm pivot
SUZUKI dealership.
Now you understand why so many of them are described as Stealerships. :mad

I fell for a dealer **** up when I got my first GS1000 back in '78. I had some rubber stuff show up on my cam chain when I did my first valve adjustment. I had only worked on 2 strokes prior to this, so all this was new to me. Being stupid and panicking over my new bike being broken, I took it back to the dealer on a trailer to have it fixed under warranty. Having found nothing wrong, I was presented with a $400 bill for removing the top end all the way down to the crankcase. I only paid half of it with a promise to make payments. A week later I noticed a motor mount bolt missing. I returned to the stealership and asked for a replacement. I was given a bolt and an invoice for said part. When I asked why I was being charged for something they left off, I was told it wasn't removed because they didn't have to pull the motor.:bs You can't pull the cylinders on a GS motor without pulling the motor. I had been ****ed. I was pissed they tried to pull a fast one on me, and I refused to give them one penny more. That is when I vowed to never take a bike of mine to the dealer for service of any type. Been turning wrenches ever since. I even went into a garage business adjusting valves and synching carbs on Zookies and Yammers just to stick it to that old bastard. Business was good.

I have a good dealer now, but I would never allow him to do any work on my P&J.
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We don't have any bone yards for bikes around here. I think there is one in Mississippi but not south alabama/north Florida and I won't give them ****ers at the dealership a dollar. I did leave a bad review on Halls Motorsports Facebook page. They have 2 reviews, both bad and I'll be calling the bbb later.

I decided when I was a kid to never use the dealership here. When I was a kid working on my bike they treated me like shit and were very rude when I would call for part prices or whatever. Theve always been ass holes. I hope they burn down again. Lol
I've called everywhere, no one has the bolt. It's a ****ing shame this country is so ****ing retarded. We can't just go with what the rest of the PLANET use. We gotta be all different. Yeah we look ****ing brilliant when the Suzuki dealer does NOT have a Suzuki flywheel puller so why the **** would I think 10 stores that only sell bolts and screws would have an average everyday run of the mill bolt? That's just insane to think these specialty bolt companies would sell BOLTS! Whatever was I thinking!!!
I heard somewhere that Alabama is one of two state that refuses to go metric. They do appear to sell these new-fangled metricated things in other countries like Florida I'm told. If you could just come up with some way of getting it from there to you. Rumours abound of something magical called a "postal service" that will transport things in the blink of an eye or as fast as the fastest horse.


Only joshing mate.

How about this?
Wait a damn minute, I bought the flywheel bolt from Suzuki via the Suzuki part came overnight.

I have another from Motion Pro for cheaper
That's $10 but it's hardened.
It's the same as the factory tool for:
•Honda CB750 69-78, Most XL250R, XR200R/XR250R/L & VF500F/VF500C
•Kawasaki KLR250 85-95, KLR 650 87-95
•Suzuki SV650 99-07 & SV650S 01-07
•Equivalent to Honda tool 07933-3000000
WHY would you let them take your engine into the back room??

Sure seems they owe you a crank though...
Felipe, you obviously have internet access so it should have been a simple google search to find what you needed (even without Stu's help), and most will ship second day or overnight. Sorry, but no one to blame but yourself for going back to the dealership.

Since the damage has been done, if I was in your position, I would be contacting the manager then owner of the dealership and demand either they fix the flywheel or replace it. I'd be pushing for the replacement.
Well since they wouldn't do shit about ****ing up my engine i don't think they will do shit about my crank either. Their just gonna say I was never there or that is was already damaged. I wasn't going to pay them so i don't have a receipt. They were all sketchie about doing it in the first place. They were doing me a favor because they don't do bench work. Now I see why..…....... Im not sweating the crank right now. If it can be repaired then ill also have the machine shop recut the threads. Two thirds of the threads are still intact. He just ****ed up the first 1/3. Yes I do realize I could have ordered the bolt but how was I suppose to know that their isn't a m20x1.5 bolt in this country? When u need a single bolt do u order it or go the hardware store and buy it? I will order it now.
I would've started with a google search, that's if I didn't get the Suzuki correct part from Ron Ayers (or similar) or go with aftermarket like Motion Pro, and I would've started contacting any of the following:,,,, etc

Stu gave you another option: "ring the bike wreckers for a 20mm axle or swingarm pivot." There are bike wreckers online as well, doesn't have to be local to you.

And I'd still try to get the dealership to fix their mistake.
A lawsuit will be the only way I will ever see a dime. Their just gonna say that the crank is ruined because the engine locked up, not because they ****ed it up despite the fact that it locked up because of them.
Sure seems they owe you a crank though...
That's exactly what I was thinking!
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