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Guys & Gals...check out the Alpinestars 2014 collection if you haven't already seen it...

Of special interest is their Black Shadow line...the first 3 jackets...

The Phantom is the sportier of the three, with a short aero hump on the back and TPU sliders on both the shoulders and elbows. The Hades is a streamlined version of the Phantom, eliminating the TPU sliders on the elbows, some of the additional padding and the aero hump. The Huntsman is constructed of “distressed” full grain leather and vintage-style YKK zippers.

Due to their advertising policy, all prices shown here and on our website are MSRP. But PM or email me, and I'll take care of forum members.

There's more out for 2014...but these are the main road bike apparel highlights...

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