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I am in the process of doing the TPS and TB sync. I have the air box off and all the sensors with vac lines taken care of. As I was warming it up to operating temp, I hear air making an intermentent (with the firing of the cylinders) whooshing noise. I felt down, and it is somewhere up against the main part of the frame rail almost dead between the 2 cylinders. There is some electrical wires that run by, and a black round canister with some black hoses that run into it thats about and inch or so in diameter. I have somewhat heard it before, but with the fairings, airbox and gas tank off and the TL being as noisy as it is, I never gave it much thought, but now its quite loud. I don't see any oil splatters anywhere to think its something with the motor.

Im gonna check the block off's for the PAIR valve, and do some looking with a mirror but was just seeking advice on what could be down there.

Thanks for the help

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