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advice to rookie on a tlr

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hi everybody my name is joe i am new to streetbikes and came up on a deal that i felt i couldnt pass up and picked a 2001tl1000r w/ 8500 milles for 1500 wdythink did i get ripped off?...i am going to use it to comute on back country roads and two lane hwys mostly and was looking for any advice that could help me to Never crash and stay alive while having a blast on a ridiculously powerful bike! i saw a statistic that said that the gsxr 1000 was the #1 crashed bike in and the tiller is the 2nd most crashed, (and thats what im trying to aviod) is that true? i will take advice on anything from brakes to engine, fairings, ride, passanger ride eventually, to what is different about a v-twin engine or how the r compares to the s....or even why they stped making them...i hope to hear from anyone and everyone even if you make fun or talk shit cuz i think it will all help lol
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hi and welcome..if nothing has been added or modded to it, then learn to ride it, dont be a dick, and look at ways of improving it, so start from the ground up...brakes and suspension are the best to do...dont worry about getting coloured knobs and knuckle handlebar grips and chrome...then u might as well bought a harley..then u wld go bald and grow a beard and get fat! ..

then watch youtube and look at that amount of guys on the tl, who take off and then lose it...mostly due to power!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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