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advice to rookie on a tlr

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hi everybody my name is joe i am new to streetbikes and came up on a deal that i felt i couldnt pass up and picked a 2001tl1000r w/ 8500 milles for 1500 wdythink did i get ripped off?...i am going to use it to comute on back country roads and two lane hwys mostly and was looking for any advice that could help me to Never crash and stay alive while having a blast on a ridiculously powerful bike! i saw a statistic that said that the gsxr 1000 was the #1 crashed bike in and the tiller is the 2nd most crashed, (and thats what im trying to aviod) is that true? i will take advice on anything from brakes to engine, fairings, ride, passanger ride eventually, to what is different about a v-twin engine or how the r compares to the s....or even why they stped making them...i hope to hear from anyone and everyone even if you make fun or talk shit cuz i think it will all help lol
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Howdy and welcome. :)

The best advice I can give you is to park the TL and buy something of appropriate size to learn to ride on. Of course no one does that since they are the exception and were born with a genetic predisposition that makes them highly skilled at riding bikes by just sitting on one.
Jeff, you wouldn't be trying a bit of subtle sarcasm, by any chance?. We've been here before with this sort of request, haven't we?. I can sense the frustration!!
jrg1000r - Jeff is right, but it won't happen, so PLEASE take it easy; it's a difficult machine to master for a new rider - stay safe:thumbup
hi and welcome..if nothing has been added or modded to it, then learn to ride it, dont be a dick, and look at ways of improving it, so start from the ground up...brakes and suspension are the best to do...dont worry about getting coloured knobs and knuckle handlebar grips and chrome...then u might as well bought a harley..then u wld go bald and grow a beard and get fat! ..

then watch youtube and look at that amount of guys on the tl, who take off and then lose it...mostly due to power!
Makes sure your tyres and brakes are good ... get the bike serviced and set up by someone that know's what they're doing ... then just take it easy .. v twins are deceptively fast bikes .... maybe some training wouldn't go a miss ... you'll be fine and enjoy it as long as you don't get cocky . Oh . and don't forget to wear good gear too . . : )
98 Tl1000r is my first road bike. Been on her for four years now. Damn glad she wasnt running well when i bought her. Put the bike down last year. Only thing i can say is be careful.
I think I'm right in assuming this isn't your very first motorbike? If it is then refer to the first reply above. If not then read on. If you've ridden off road or whatever for a few years then you'll take to her just fine. Just use your head and take it easy at the start. Just be aware that they have a huuuuge tendency to run wide on tight corners so be conscious of that!
After that then start the moddin'. Usually the rear rotary damper mess is the first for change out and sometimes the steering damper. After that the sky's the limit!
Welcome to the site!
Welcome to TLZone and biking, you best be careful with your bike or it will kill you lol. I can remember my first bike (NC30) scaring the hell out of me it was "so powerful". xD
Be careful don't try to keep up if your riding with more experienced riders and just take your time wear all your gear and you'll be just fine. Id say the biggest thing is self control as long as you can keep from cranking the throttle and tryin to do things above ur skill level it'll be a fun experince
The main problem (as well as keeping it upright) is where do you go from a TL? I enjoyed my progression through different and quicker bikes.
learn what countersteering is ASAP, and assume no one can see you when you ride.
thanks to everyone for thier imput all good to knw stuff...i was born with the brains to not evr feel like i have to show off so i dont have to worry about that and i really dont want to die so i drive normal i think...i am a complete newbie to street bikes and have only ridding 4wheelers and dirtbikes and horses if that counts haha so anything about the tlr that you are willing to share i am happy to hear...
i didnt meant o get such an aggressive and baddass bike for my first but the deal met my price range so i took it...and i al ways hear about peopl always wanting to upgrade from what ever thay have so i figure i wont have to as long as she runs!!!
is that where you go out wide before u take a turn? thanks my uncle told me the same thing and i think that everytime i ride now,,,good looking out
No it's steering away from the direction of the turn to drop the bike into it's lean, and vice versa to get it upright again. Going wide in corners is good for visibility though.
yes i am determined to master this bike but in now hurry and with much much caution....i recently rode a ninja 250 and a 600 after only have ridden my bike for the first street bike and the throttle response is ridiculous on the tlr its awsome...what is the hardest thing to learn is about this bike?
haha thanks for the advice,,, my rear break squeals and sounds embarassing as i pull up to stops lol....i have spent hours watching youtube...i learned a lot of what not to do's...
thanks i share the same mentality...thanks for the heads up are there engine problems that arise inthe vtwins? or is there something that i shoud do to prevent a major enging breakdown? i only ask beacuse i want my bike to run for a long time and i dont want to be stranded on a back road because of something i coud of prevented...the bike just passed 9000 miles so how long should i expect her to run (miles) what would u say is the average time or milage incrament in which to have it serviced or oil changing? any thing helps thanks take care
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