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Admin required

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when a notification appears of a like received
and I click on it
it opens the activity page.....

the link code is incorrect from that drop down.

from the activity page the link to likes works fine.
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isnt that also mentioned in my post!

The correct answer is

" thank you for the info I'll pas it to our tech team. "

No wonder this forum has fallen to the dogs.
Thank you neil

that is much better response.

maybe you can run a workshop for your colleague on how to behave and respond appropriately. :)
So Its been 4 days since I told you and it was something you were already aware of.

Not very interested in this forum stuff are you........?

What a crock of crap its become since it was sold!
of course it happens on multiple sites
its a coding issue
go back to vBulletin and get it sorted. its not a site problem
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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